Those in the know know

Those in the know know

we’re 98% chimp or bonobo


then again, we’re 90% cat

stretch and relax with that


and catch this on a stick I’m about to lob

we are 84% dog


not to mention 75% mouse

awkward when they want to share the house


in fact we’re 69% platypus

who’d have thought that of us?


consider also what those little flying flecks imply:

the buzz is we’re 60% fruit fly


alarming with this disarming charmer:

we could be 50% banana


so welcome to the franchise of a wider fraternity:

at least a quarter of us is tree


and nothing can be dismissed as inferior

seeing as we’re at least 3% bacteria


by this reckoning, it’s challenging but true:

whoever you are I’m 99.9% you.

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